Embed your Google docs, YouTube videos, Miro and Airtable files on Sketchnote

Learn how to access your Google Docs, Sheets, and Miro and Airtable boards on Sketchnote itself!

Sketchnote is truly the only app you need to run your business at the highest level. Among others, a major feature that enables this is the Embed view on Sketchnote. We designed this view to allow you a way to access and edit your Google docs, Sheets, Slides, Airtable, and Miro boards, and even add YouTube videos to your Sketchnote files! Amazing, isn’t it?

Read on to learn how to get started with the Embed view and how it can make reduce the hassle of working across several apps, apart from making your files so much more engaging! Let's go!

Using the Embed view on Sketchnote like a pro

Creating an Embed file on Sketchnote is quite simple! Let’s go through it step by step so you can get started now:

  • First, hit the “Start new file” button on the Sketchnote sidebar
  • Then, click on Embed under page views
  • Finally, hit “Create file”, and you're done!

Wasn’t that quick?

Now let’s begin embedding videos, docs, and more, in this awesome view:

  • Start off by copying the web link to the asset you want to embed. This could be a YouTube video, Google Document, Sheet, Slide, and Airtable and Miro boards.
  • Paste this link on the text bar of the Embed view
  • Hit “Add view”, and done!

But wait, there’s more! You can add the Embed view to files with other Primary views too. Say you have a file where you've written down some basic instructions for your staff. You can quickly add the Embed view to the same file and put in a YouTube video that amply demonstrates your written word. Here's how you can do it:

  • Next to the primary view of the file, click the “+View” option.
  • Choose Embed
  • Add your link

And done!

Just remember, you need to grant View/Edit access to your Google assets with all those you want to share them with, so they can access them on Sketchnote as well.

A gif of a Google Sheet being embedded on Sketchnore
Embedding your files on Sketchnote takes 2 steps only. Really! 

What makes Sketchnote's Embed view so amazing?

We've frequently been asked why we added an Embed view to Sketchnote. Well, we really mean it when we say we're the only app you need! No more moving tabs and spending time going through dozens of different tabs. Let’s quickly elaborate on this and tell you more about why the Embed view:

Effortless accessibility across apps

By simply pasting a link on the Embed view text box, you can bring your work from Google, Miro, and other apps onto Sketchnote. And once you have your Embed file set up with your asset, you can go ahead and modify/edit these assets. You can be assured that these changes will reflect on your original digital file as well! Of course, this does away with the pain of logging into different apps to work, saving you time and headspace!

With lesser tabs open on your screen, you can think and execute more efficiently. What’s more? You can access these digital files across the internet without having to worry about intrusions or breaches of confidentiality. Only those with whom you have shared access to your Google Doc will be able to view the Embed file on Sketchnote!

Making your files multi-dimensional and engaging

Adding a YouTube video relevant to the topics, and ideas discussed in your file, makes the topic at hand so much more informative, as well as engaging. Many Sketchnote power users use this feature to create a “second brain” on a subject, by adding pertinent concept videos to the file’s contents.

Additionally, designers can add their Miro boards, to access them alongside their tasks, docs, lists, and more, on Sketchnote! With the Embed view, never be that person who shares information in a boring manner, ever again!

Now go ahead and explore the Embed view on Sketchnote! Happy working!

New to Sketchnote? Here’s why you need to build your startup with us

Sketchnote is an all-in-one startup OS for learning, team collaboration, doc management, and legal help. It’s a platform created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. With Sketchnote, you can bring your team on one page and work on top-of-the-line features such as:

  • Workspaces that double up as a hub for your teams and projects
  • Kanban and Whiteboards Boards that bring your tasks and teams together
  • A fully-loaded markdown editor to create any document—from pitch decks to team wikis.
  • Fill-and-go legal documents like NDAs, MOUs, ESOPs, and more
  • Handcrafted and curated startup lessons to take a deep dive into every aspect of startup building and scaling.
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